About Us

Beyteks Textile Manufacturing and Trading Inc.

Founded and started yarn production in Ceyhan in 1993, Beyteks Textile Manufacturing and Trading Inc. has grown quickly without compromising on fundamental principle of Quality in Production and Top customer Satisfaction. The company diverted its investments to Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone in 2005 in accordance with the promotion law executed in the same year.

Continuing production activities in yarn production plants in Ceyhan, Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone and Kadirli Organized Industrial Zone, our company is one of the most prominent yarn production company with competitive price policy, and appreciation of and contributions to human and environment.

Beyteks Textile Manufacturing and Trading Inc.  has been producing Open-End Yarn, Ring Yarn, Combed and Kadre.



As a company adopted philosophy of unconditional customer and employee satisfaction, becoming a global brand preferred in the sectors it serves and manufacturing productions in high quality and efficiency.



Offering corporate services and reliable products at home and abroad by combining our foundation principles with modern manufacturing technologies and systems without compromising on foundation principles and keeping customer satisfaction on top level.